Mustang Seal eco style kits are design to meet all your requirements and at the same time minimize the use of packaging material which will reduce the ecological impact on our planet. And to help reduce your total cost.

This example is based on 10 different parts in a kit.

6 x 9 Zip Lock Clear Bag Thermal Ribbon

Thermal Ribbon

Label Carrier

Thermal Label Size 4” x 5”

Total Packaging Material

(1.39 SF)

(1.39 SF)

(1.39 SF)

(1.39 SF)

(11.67 SF)


Paper Board 12” x 18”

Plastic Film 14” x 20”


Total Packaging Material

(1.5 SF)

(1.94 SF)

( .5 OZ)

(3.5 SF)

Packaging material savings 8.17 SF for one kit • Yearly usage of 500 kits the savings is over 4,000 SF