Plastic bags are used for each different component. These bags are placed into a larger bag or container. All bags are labeled with your requirements.

Supplied on a skin card and parts are usually arranged to minimize the kit size.

These kits often have sub-assemblies or sub kits and range from seals to machined metal parts of all types. Packaging will range from bags, custom foam inserts, special containers and reusable containers. Advanced kits are often laid out in the sequenced they will be needed.

Supplied on skin card(s) that are logically laid out in the sequenced they will be needed. Maximizing efficient usage and access to parts tailored to your specific requirements. Sequenced kits are used mainly when the kit has a large number of components.

No restriction on size and content ranging from sub-assemblies, tools, testing equipment, disposable items, service instructions, and engineering documentation can also be included. This type of kit is often packaged in a wooden crate.