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Mustang Seal Solutions eco Kit Line is designed to meet your requirements. This minimizes the use of packaging materials, which reduces the ecological impact on our planet and to help reduce your total cost.

Our kitting options and solutions are based purely on customer needs, with a service approach unique in the oilfield industry.  No two customers’ requirements are the same, hence every solution is specifically tailored to ensure it works for you, whether you are in manufacture assembly, subcontract or MRO.

Our services are simple, open and informed. Utilizing dedicated specialists with years of experience in the oilfield supply chain field. Expert kitting will easily free you from non-core activity.

“Kitting’s biggest benefit is the huge potential for cost savings. Time is money, and kitting can help you boost productivity and efficiency on the shop floor.”
Kitting Services
Package and design Concept development and prototypes Procurement Custom assembly and kitting Process improvements Options, Options & Options.
Fully traceable product at component and sub assembly levels. Kits can include customer products and sourced products or a mix. Build in quality checks to ensure the accuracy of final kits. Options, Options & Options.
-Reduced waste and packaging.
-Kit containers can be reused.
-Environmentally friendly.
Error proofing
-Errors due to misunderstanding.
-Errors in identification.
-Errors made by amateurs.
-Willful errors.
-Inadvertent errors.
-Errors due to slowness.
-Errors due to lack of standards.
-Surprise errors.
-Intentional errors.
Production Assembly Cost
-Reduced product assembly costs.
-Reduced resources.
-Increased efficiency and build rates.
-Increased capacity.
-Increased profitability.
-Reduced turnaround times.
-Reduce production delays.
-Reduced demand on management.
-Reduced demand on accounting.
-Less need for negotiation and expediting.
-Reduced Supplier Count.
-Increased Productivity.
-Reduced Paperwork.
-Reduces total acquisition cost.
-Removes internal non value add operations.
-Removes waste.
-Allows for simplified planning.
-Reduced turnaround times.
-Less operation complexity.
-Increased cash flow.
-Reduce production delays.
-Flexible creation, access and delivery.
-Environmentally friendly.
-No more fire-fighting.