Guide Rings and Guide Strips accommodate radial loads of forces acting on the cylinder assembly and guide the rod in the cylinder head as well as the piston in the cylinder bore. Guides are made of polymer materials and, therefore, avoid metal-to-metal contact between moving parts in a working hydraulic cylinder.
Wear Guide Strip

Wear Guide Strips are available in a variety of PTFE blends and provide excellent low-friction performance in pneumatics and light duty hydraulics.

Wear Guide Strips are available in cut-to-length and bulk strip.

Bronze filled PTFE  •  Carbon/Graphite Filled PTFE • Glass filled PTFE

Additional Data
Standard Wear Guides

Standard Wear Guides serve to limit the wear on Piston and Rod Seals and act as guides. Wear Guides are made from heat stabilized, internally lubricated glass reinforced nylon, which has a durable wear rate and non-scoring properties.            

Precision Wear Guide
Precision Wear Guides are machined according to tight tolerance specifications.