Mustang Seal Solutions provides silicone, synthetic grease and custom blend products. With the largest offering of PST silicone grease, synthetic greases and silicone fluids in the industry, including competitively priced Dow Corning®, Nye®, Dupont® and Novagard offsets.  We also offer packaging solutions from a few grams to 55 gallon containers. 
MSS-2100 Silicone Compound

Lubricant and Non Curing Sealant


-High Dielectric Strength - electrically insulating

-Excellent Thermal Stability

-Chemical Stability and Ozone Resistance

-Excellent Water Washout

-Compatible with all seals, rubber, plastics

  (except silicone)

-Wide temperature operating range

-Corrosion Protection



Plug, Gate, Ball, Butterfly, Pump Packing’s,

Automated Valves


Electrical connections and splices on seismic,

geophysical and, down hole power sources


Damping medium for dash pots in electrical



Barrier coating for chemical environments


Assembly lubricant and sealant for rubber and

plastic O-Rings, gaskets, and seals Non Curing Sealant for topside, down hole, sub-sea equipment and



-Compatible with most rubber and plastics

-Superior resistance to chemicals and solvents

-Long-term lubrication due to minimal deterioration

 due to oxidation

-Low vapor pressure (base oil)

-Excellent stability at high temperatures

 (482F /   250C)

-Low vapor pressure (base oil)



Used in the presence of liquefied natural gases-Valves, O-Rings, Seals, Bearings


Down hole tools exposed to corrosive environments and high temperatures


High vacuum application


Resistant to solvents