Ring joint gaskets are made for a variety of metals from carbon steel to Alloy 825.  Common cross-section shapes are oval and octagonal, many others are available.  The hardness of the ring joint should always be less than the hardness of the flange to prevent flange deformation.  A wide range of sizes and materials are ready for immediate shipment.  Call us, we are ready to help. 
392 Delta
A delta gasket is a pressure actuated gasket used primarily on pressure vessels and valve bonnets at very high pressures in excess of 5000 psi.
Type SRX and SBX gaskets per API 17D for Subsea Wellhead and Tree Equipment are vented to prevent pressure lock when connections are made up underwater.
The Kammpro-ORJ is constructed to the standard octagonal API 6A or ASME B16.20 dimensions with the addition of the Kammpro design applied To the sealing areas and faced with oxidation resistant flexible graphite.
393 Bridgeman
The Bridgeman gasket is a pressure activated gasket for use on pressure vessel heads and valve bonnets for pressures of 1500 psi (10 MPa) and above.
394 Lens
A lens type gasket is a line contact seal for use in high pressure piping systems and in pressure vessel heads.
Octagonal Style 388
Oval Style 377
RX Ring Designations for API 6B Flanges
BX Ring Designations for API 6BX Flanges