About Our Services
Mustang Seal Solutions is an industrial seal manufacturer and distributor. Catering to the needs of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for the Oil and Gas Market.  Key products are industrial seals made from high grade plastics, rubber and metals. Services include kitting, assembly, stocking programs and custom design products, in-house manufacturing of machined plastics, custom molded rubber and gaskets.
The Mustang Seal Solutions Team has over 150 years of experience in seal products, manufacturing processes, kitting and assembly, distribution channels and inventory management. Our team has a long history working with Oil and Gas OEM’s.
Our sales team are oil and gas specialists with long term relationships with the major oil and gas OEM’s. The team works with purchasing, product line managers, engineering, quality, management and others.
Mustang Seal Solutions is built on superior customer service. This does not end in the customer service department, this is the culture throughout our entire operation. This creates a team environment, unmatched in the industry. Our team is dedicated and most important, willing to do whatever it takes every day to provide our customers with the service they deserve.
Our ability to be flexible, responsive and reactive to the needs of each customer, while staying focused on what the customer values most; service, quality and open communication. This will allow Mustang Seal Solutions the opportunity to become the preferred partner of our customers.

Our focus will never change. The customer always comes first!

Speed Counts!